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Providing you with the best quality and skin friendly uniforms range comprising Office Uniform, Doctors Uniform, School Kids Uniforms, etc.

About Us

Uniforms are an integral part of our daily lives. Be it schools, corporate, offices, hospitals, institutes everywhere outfit is essential. We understand the importance of uniform and to provide you the best uniforms we, H&B Kaushik Industries Private Limited, have entered in the market. We are a proud manufacturer and supplier of many types of uniforms. Our range comprises of Security Guard Uniform, School Dress, Air Hostess Uniform, Office Uniform, Doctors Uniform, School kids Uniforms, Private School Uniforms, etc. We use high quality raw materials for the production of our uniforms. This results in a better quality of output processed goods. With the help of our team, we have been able to build an extensive network base which caters to the requirements of various clients. We make friendly relationships with our clients and do transparent business dealings with them.

Quality Control

Quality is one of the essential factors for us, being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. A quality product which is packaged and marketed well is bound to provide the best user experience to the customer. We understand the importance of quality, and that is one of the reasons we have a team of professionals who looks after the quality of our range. They have made stringent rules to check the quality of our products. Even if we find a slight defect in our manufactured range, we make it go through the entire process to rectify the mistake in our product. Only after doing proper testing for the quality of the cloth, colour, design and other factors we send our products for packaging as well as storage. Our quality is also seen in the way we pack our range and store it in our warehouses.

Why Choose Us?

A firm which focuses on providing quality range to employees. We believe in providing the best and that is one of the reasons we have hired the best professionals who understand their work as well as provide solutions to improvise the quality of our existing range. Some ideas which have helped us immensely in our growth include:

  • Adept team of passionate and curative minds.
  • We are one-stop destination which caters to all the industries.
  • Our range Office Uniform, Doctors Uniform, Schoolkids Uniforms, Private School Uniforms, etc.
  • Our pricing is done in a competitive manner.

Our Clients

We believe that our clients are our biggest assets. We make the best and the productive relationships with our clients. We look after customer's requirements and we try all possible measures to maintain a healthy relationship with dedication, passion and truthfulness. We believe that our customers are more then mere associates, we believe they are a part of our growing community and family and we take all possible measures to satisfy the requirement of our clients. The beliefs of our company are centered on below mentioned principles:

  • Cater our customers with complete honesty as well as dedication.
  • Manufacture and deliver orders efficiently.
  • We fully understand business requirements & objectives.
  • We never fail to meet deadlines.

Our commitments

We value our commitments and leave no stone unturned to complete our promises within the desired time frame. Some of our major commitments that we cater to are:

  • Our commitments are our guiding force and they guide our entire decisions, be it for our company or for an individual employee.
  • We believe in sustainability and that is one of the reasons why all our policies are made that outline our approach towards sustainability.
  • Our company is committed to manufacture goods that caters to the requirement of various industries  and fulfill the requirement of all customers.
  • We believe in offering the best range of products and services to our clients.
  • We are committed to enhance the quality of our products and create values not only for our business but also for our clients and family.

Our Team Work

The foundation of a company has been laid by a strong team with good team ethics. The team and their ethics are largely responsible for smooth running of an organization. Many problems can occur if employees don't coordinate and work together. Problems such as poor organization, missed deadlines, conflicts within the workplace are to name a few. We believe in setting targets and achieving them with the help of our team. To enhance the overall productivity of the organization, we have agreed to build upon overall mission. We believe in building friendly relationships with our clients. We do that by following ways:

  • We work in a cooperative manner
  • Our team is able to contribute to organizations growth by incorporating the suggestions and the ideas that are provided by the employees
  • Communicating in a manner which is beneficial for the leader as well as boss
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Ability to participate and contribute in group decision making

Our Quality And Services

Our main motive lies in providing the best quality services to our esteemed patrons. We treat our customers with utmost respect, care and dignity. Our customer care representatives understand the requirement of our client and address to all their quires and resolve them within the the least time possible.

We also ensure that defect free products reach to our clients. We believe continuous growth is very important and that is why we regularly provide training to our employees to increase their business skills. These skills are known to enhance services, quick response time and maximize quality for our clients. Our products and services meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

We believe to continuously innovate the range of our services and for that to happen we continuously take feedback from our clients regarding the quality of our products. By incorporating the feedback we are able to move ahead as well as evaluate the needs of the customer.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can be said as the overall essence of the impression about the supplier by the customers. It's basically how happy or satisfied are customers with the products or services provided by a particular company. According to a research conducted by top rated business schools customer satisfaction in addition to impacting the business bottom line, it also impacts team morale and retention rate. We believe that amidst all the factors one thing which contributes to the success or failure of any organization, is customer satisfaction. As an organization which wants to keep their customers happy we lay a huge emphasis on collecting data for our organization regarding our offered product range. We work hard with the following policies keeping in mind to please our customers

  • In order to Receive more, as an organization we have to give more.
  • Customer Loyalty is priceless to us.
  • We accept different modes of payment in the online as well as offline mode to provide hassle free transaction process to our clients.
  • We offer free door step delivery of our range to our clients.
  • After every 6 months we ask about the quality of our products and how is the quality of our range.
  • We also have special rewards for our loyal clients.

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