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School Uniform

For spreading a sense of unity among the students and reducing the peer pressure, it is important for students to wear uniforms. While in school, students, learn, play and perform many other extra curricular activities. Therefore, it is necessary for them to wear clothes that are highly comfortable. For the same reason, we offer School Uniform that is stitched using the fabric of impeccable quality. With the changing seasons, our collection of School Uniform includes uniforms for both summers and winters.

Product Details : 

  • The School Blazer is available in three different fabric options - cotton, hosiery, and woollen. The cotton fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it suitable for warmer weather. The hosiery fabric is soft and comfortable against the skin, while the woollen fabric is warm and perfect for colder temperatures.
  • The School Blazer is available in two classic color options - navy blue and gray. Both colors are versatile and can easily be paired with a variety of different shirts and pants. These colors are also easy to maintain and can be worn throughout the school year.
  • The School Blazer comes with full sleeves, which provides ample coverage and protection against the cold. This sleeve type is also suitable for formal occasions and adds a touch of sophistication to the overall uniform.
  • The School Blazer can be easily maintained with machine wash. This makes it convenient for busy students and parents who don't have a lot of time to devote to handwashing and drying their uniforms. Machine wash also ensures that the blazer remains clean and hygienic, which is important for students who spend long hours at school.

FAQs of School Uniform:

What type of school dress do you offer?
We offer school blazers made from fabric such as cotton, hosiery, and woollen with full sleeves in navy blue and gray color.

What is the wash care instruction for the school dress?
Our school dress can be machine washed.

What materials are used in making the school dress?
Our school dress is made from fabrics such as cotton, hosiery, and woollen.

Are there any color options for the school dress?
Yes, we offer our school dress in navy blue and gray color.

What is the purpose of having school uniforms?
The purpose of having school uniforms is to spread a sense of unity among the students and reduce peer pressure.


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